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MacStories Turns 7

MacStories Turns 7 Today, Federico Viticci’s legendary site, MacStories turn 7. It’s a great achievement for any site to stick around so long and in Internet years it must be around 100. A lot of that longevity and success lies in Federicco and his teams direction and brilliant writing and reporting.

In case you haven’t heard of Macstories, it is an Apple focused website run by Federicco Viticci, an Italian from a small village, who does now live in Rome. What sets MacStories apart is it is highly iPad focused, it also focused on long in depth content and “stories” rather than typical apple rumour sites or short and plentiful reviews.

It’s no lie that I was highly influenced, both personally and in this site by Federicco.

While Federicco didn’t convince me of the merits of iPad (that goes to Patrick Rhone) he did enlighten me to how powerful it could be and I discovered him as I entered the apple geekosphere via the prompt podcast (now Connected). I discovered tools like Editorial, Launch centre pro, Drafts, and eventual Workflow to help me do more on the iPad.

His writing convinced me that it was better to go for quality over quantity and that when everyone else goes one way, sometimes it’s great to go a different way. Those elements are things I strive for with iPad guild. High quality content, personal stories and not the same post that you’d find elsewhere on the Internet. So this site’s spirit in many ways has been influenced highly by MacStories and I’m not ashamed to admit that.

My attempt to share useful advice on how to use the iPad as well as these creative challenges are something which I challenge you to find elsewhere on the net. Rumor sites are a dime a dozen but the quality of MacStories is rare.

I really recommend following Macstories and checking out their iOS 10 wish list below.

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