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Make Your Mac’s Volume Go Boom

Ever since starting Macdaily, I have become more and more attached to my Macbook Air and as part of my daily workflow, music has played a crucial part.
Whether I am writing for you here at Macdaily, doing my “real” job or simply surfing the web, iTunes is fired up and my headphones are on! Since my first of many Apple products, I have noticed that the speakers and their sound has been limited or just not what is expected from Apple. I expect more, geesh even the HP folks have Beats audio on their machines now!

Well in comes the audio savior: Boom!

Boom is a simple and small app that let’s you adjust the sound on your tiny Mac speakers. Boom claims to, and does a great job of, boosting your standard Mac speakers up to 400%. That is not too bad a gain for such a small app!

Whether you are watching a movie, listening to Mumford and Sons, or jamming out to Walk off the Earth on Youtube, you must have noticed that your computer’s speakers aren’t up to par. Boom can fix this problem.

All you have to do is install Boom and utilize their simple menu bar app to crank it up. Boom comes with a built-in equalizer that let’s you play to your hearts content. It has a number of presets that you can test out. I currently use a few different ones depending who or what I am listening to.


The best part about Boom is that it quietly sits in your menu bar and does it’s job. It doesn’t hog any memory, doesn’t kill your CPU. It just sits there waiting for it’s chance to shine.

Boom is a must have for any audiophile who owns a Mac or any lehman who loves music and movies. I am off to watch Game of Thrones and crank up the Boom!

Boom can be had for 6.99 on the Mac Apple Store here. Go grab it now!

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