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Macdaily has a handful of codes for these two pieces of amazing softwares for your Mac.

PopClip is a tool I use daily, a tool that has become second nature. I tried using a coworkers machine the other day and without PopClip, I was lost. It becomes second nature that this great little tool pops up when selecting text in ANY application.

PopClip appears when you select text with your mouse on your Mac. Instantly copy & paste, and access actions like search, spelling, dictionary and over 90 more.

Glui is also a tool that is used almost hourly. From wbe clients to work related items, taking pictures, annotating and marking up my images is now second nature. Uploading to Dropbox, auto copying the url to my pasteboard – BOOM and you are good to go.

Glui has the ability to share directly with Email, iMessage, Twitter and the hated Facebook. Once uploaded to Dropbox, it comes back with the url automagically copied to your clipboard and ready to be shared with the world!

Today we want to share these tools with you all.

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