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Macdaily Giveaway: PhotoSweeper for Mac

Photos invoke fear, sadness, love, emotions of all kinds, they can even make you quezzy folks throw up. So why not take lots of them! We all do, in today’s world of Instagram and, photos are everywhere. iPhoto does things well, but if you are at all like me, you have duplicates all over the place.
Managing a large iPhoto library can really take up your time and give you a full on migraine. As Demiam covered a couple weeks ago, PhotoSweeper for Mac to the rescue! He loved this app and now Jon from Overmacs has given us 3 codes to share with you, our beloved readers.

Make sure you check out Demian’s post on PhotoSweeper to check out the in-depth look he took into the software before signing up or just jump below and start Tweeting and G+ing about it!

Hit up the jump and Good luck!

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