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Macdaily Giveaway: iBeats for your iDevice!

Music plays a strong presence in almost everyones lives, giving us a sanctuary to escape to or releasing memories stuck in far away places. When it comes to music, I need to hear what the artist wanted me to from the beginning. So I am picky!
Headphones are one place in my life I cannot be cheap about. I love my Beats and am saving for a new set now! I really want this hot set of Mixr headphones by Beats.

So instead of coming up with a witty little story about how iTunes and apps such as Songza have changed the way we listen to music, I figured, why not just have you sign up to win, win a pari of iBeats right here at Macdaily.co!

This is a US only giveaway this round, sorry all! Good luck!

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13 Replies

  1. Jonathan Pearson

    I’d like to see app reviews. I really like to see how people arrange their homescreen too. Not sure how that goes with blog content, but it’d be cool to see some how. Love this site though. Great work!

    1. brett barner

      This. Definitely this! For both iOS and OS X.

  2. Erick Rodriguez

    I’d like to see more iOS app recommendations & iOS how to. Once again great blog guys! Keep it up!

    1. Forever Kirk

      I agree I wanna see latest apps and your reviews

  3. Elis B.

    I like to see tips

  4. I really like the opinion pieces on apps and the different workflows used for productivity.

    1. Opinion pieces are coming!

  5. Tyler Conleee

    Very nice blog. I just stumbled upon it through another Mac blog I was reading, and I quickly added this to my rotation of blogs I read each day. Keep up the great work.

    1. Tyler, thanks for swinging by!
      Glad you added us to your listings. Let us know if we can help out in any way or review, discuss anything specific!

      1. Tyler Conlee

        I like the “First Look” that you guys have for Google Hangouts. It’s the type of review that I like to read. It’s very factual, stating the functionality of the app, and has a feature or two that the editor particularly liked, then finished off with some closing thoughts. I would like to see more of this style of review for more apps. Very well done.

  6. Brad

    I’d love to see more app reviews, but overall keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Brad and welcome to the site!

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