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Update as you might have guessed, this was an April fool's joke. I hope you had a funny day.

I’ve been waiting to reveal this for a while now and today seems like the perfect day. is officially becoming part of the Facebook family. In the short run this means that nothing will change. We’ll still write and post the same high quality content and it will stay Apple related.

However, in the long term there are some big changes coming. First, we will be changing our name to “In Your Face Daily” and we will be exclusively covering all things Facebook. In addition, if you visit our new site once then you will download a copy of our website directly to your device that will open as soon as you turn on your computer or device.┬áI’m sure you’ll all be delighted to be getting the latest updates regarding Facebook and not missing a note about Facebook.

The design of the site is also going to change to fit in more with the Facebook Brand. As such we’re going to shift to having a design like the Facebook timeline that will also be connected with all the Facebook services so you can instantly access your Facebook setting if you like.

On a personal note, I’m really happy that Mark is disproving everyone by showing he can buy good publicity (by literally buying it) and I’m looking forward to joining a larger network and team. I hope you will all join with the team here in celebrating this great moment (we’ve all got a heap of cash and stock coming our way!) and remember, don’t worry.┬áNothing is going to change (until we change everything later on).

Have a great day everyone.

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