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Mac or PC

This is a question that I get approached about on a weekly, if not daily basis. Would you purchase a Mac or a PC?
I have been a Mac user for years. From an iMac to a Macbook Pro and now sitting at an Ikea desk typing away on my Macbook Air. I am a lover of these machines. I also ONLY carry an iPhone but that is for another discussion.

The reason I use Mac’s is simple. They are better machines. Period.

But the question above really digs deeper than just a simple statement of preference.

Why do you use a windows machine over a Mac? Vice Versa? What do you need one or the other? This is really what it comes down to. Do you use your machine for work and the apps at work only work on a Mac? Are you a designer and the Mac fits your mold better? Are you a hardcore gamer and need the best drivers available for your video card?

All valid questions, but questions that have to be answered by yourself. It is not a question I can answer. I can only help guide you in your decision process.

Mac OS and the Hardware that it is shipped on is unbeatable. The fact that the OS and the hardware are made by the same company and come out of the same front door makes all the difference. Would you rather be dealing with 3rd party software, random drivers, hardware kinks, and more when purchasing a Dell Laptop with an OS that may or may not have been tested on that hardware?

That makes no sense to me, so I chose the 1st option. 2 products meant to work together, going through a QA process at the same place where it all began.

With the above said. I do persuade a good number of folks to the Apple side of things, but not because I am a fanboy, or because I run local Mac centric workshops but more because what I say resounds for a lot of folks.

What do you use? What do you have to say? Is this a valid argument, why, why not?

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  1. “Mac OS and the Hardware that it is shipped on is unbeatable.” No it’s not. We’ll forget about the OS for a bit. The hardware is definitely beatable, it’s just a question of money. Unless you’re focusing only on laptop weight or some metric like that. Also, focusing only on the best hardware ignores price:performance. It’s like arguing no one should buy a Ford because Lamborghini’s are much better.
    As for Apple going through the Q&A process, it seems like their handling of Full screen mode and dual monitors has been falling on deaf ears for a while. Today dual monitors is not uncommon. The fact that they render the other monitor completely useless is frustrating.

    Also, I’ve been looking how to change the default cursor for some things I needed to do. It turns out this use to be available in older versions of OS X, but got removed. I’m not sure what QA process determined that only the default cursor should be unchangeable.

    • While I do understand what you are saying, that is absolutely not an argument for a PC by any means.
      There will always be missed things.

      As for the dual monitors, with Spaces (again my opinion) there is no need. I run 5 desktops on my Macbook Air and would never need a second monitor or two or three unless I was showing off to friends!

      Are you talking about mirroring monitors though?

      • No, not talking about mirroring. I want to run Xcode full screen on one monitor while running the iOS simulator on a separate screen.
        And sometimes I want to run hulu full screen on my side monitor while running other apps on the main screen.

        • I admit I am a multi-monitor kind of guy at work (Windows 7… meh) for this exact reason. I have Eclipse (Yuck, yeah I know. It is better than Netbeans) open in one window with my application running in another. If I could have 4 monitors I would. The third would have my database or a terminal window open tailing log files, and the fourth would be my everything else window(email, web, ticket tracking app).
          That said, I don’t find it as much of a problem at home because I have the 27″ iMac and can just split the 2 main windows across all of that glorious screen real estate. If I could truly justify it thought, I would have 2 27″ Apple Displays at home as well.