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Well Christmas is truly on the way now, the turkey has been put away, there was some big parade in New York and only 5 people died on Black Friday. Now decorations are going up, Christmas songs are on the radio and children are preparing wish lists for Santa. But why should the kids have all the fun. What should be on your mac Christmas shopping list.

New Device

It’s an obvious one and I hope Santa has big pockets if he is going to get you one of these but if your device is getting long in the tooth and you need an upgade then this might be a great time. With the upgrade of the iPad range and iPhones to 64 bit processors they’re sure to be good for a couple of years at least, and with the latest iterations of the Macbook pro and air with the new battery savvy Intel chips there are some nice reasons to update.

Lego Mac

I loved lego growing up and had a huge set. I also had an Apple one in my high school which I remember with fondness (though annoyance at it’s incompatibility with my families PC). As such, when I saw the lego Mac it brought back all the nostalgia of my youth. personally I think it would be even cooler if you added in a lcd screen and linked it up with a mac mini or something but this would look pretty sweet on my desk.

A great stylus

This one won’t be for everyone, after all some people really don’t have a need for a stylus other than the occasional scribble or game of draw something but if you like handwriting notes, sketching or designing graphics then perhaps a really good active stylus is the perfect gift.

Some examples are the pencil by fifty three and adonit jot script evernote edition.

Day one

Journaling has been shown to offer a great deal of benefits for people. It helps process thoughts, keep track of your life and is very relaxing and cathartic. The major issue with journaling is it can take effort to set up a page. Day one is a simple to use app that let’s you enter data into preset categories over

Grid it organizer

Over time I’ve collected a range of different cables for different devices. Although I’ve got rid of many I no longer need and can store the ones that I rarely need away, when I go to work and especially travel between Spain and England I need to take a good selection of cables. Grid it is a great way to keep all your cables organised, easy to find and hard to lose!

A Standing Desk

Have you been thinking of making the move from sitting desk to standing desk? Well maybe Christmas is the perfect time to make the switch. You could pick one up from ikea, convert a shelf into one or even make one yourself If your into your DIY.


Loop is a smart service provider aiming to help you get the most from your utilities. It monitors the total energy use tracking your data which you can access online. On top of that they have teamed up with uswitch to help you work out if you could save money on your energy bills from a different service provider.

Belkin WeMo

Belkin takes a slightly different energy approach from loop. With WeMO you can automate your different electricity sockets in your house or turn on or off your electricity service at a distance using the smart app and special adaptors that plug into your socket. Allowing you to turn on or off relevant systems when you need them. Perhaps you want the lights to go on at a certain time of day when you’re away to make it appear like your home. Or perhaps you forgot to turn off your plug socket before you went to work, you can just log in and turn it off.

Leap Motion

Dominic already wrote a pretty sweet review of leap motion but in case you want the short version. Leap motion is a new way to interact with your computer which monitors your hand movements. Check out the whole review here.

Oc Dock

One of the really annoying problems with having multiple devices is keeping your desk orgniased with all the wires. The Oc Doc allows you to dock your iPhone below your main screen granting you easy access if you use it for music or as a remote. Yet it keeps it charging and removes wires. This is an ex-kickstarter project and it’s easy to see why it got funded.

Logitech Easy Switch

If you’ve got a iPhone, iPad and MacBook (or iMac) then at some point you may want to use a wireless keyboard on all of them. However, you either need to buy multiple keyboards or keep impairing and then repairing your devices. Logitech has an alternative. It’s a keyboard that has three different bluetooth settings meaning you can switch between devices with the press of a button. Smooth.

Check out the Logitech easy switch bluetooth keyboard.

Fitbit Flex (Or Similar)

Keeping track of your health is important, the line of activity trackers jumped into their second generation this year with a few companies putting out their second generation. The Fitbit flex seems to be the best of the bunch offering sleep monitoring and unlike the second generation of Nike fuelbands hasn’t had a host of complaints from users of the first generation against the second. However, the difference between the different companies mainly comes down to what system your friends use and thus can compete against.

Of course if you’ve got one of the new iPhone 5Ss you have many of the activity tracking systems built in making the need for one of these activity trackers reduced.

Logitech Ultra Thin Mouse For Mac

Although the MacBook Air offers great battery life, easy to recharge and super portability in it’s compact form factor there aren’t many great mice that offer great service too. The Logitech Ultra Thin Mouse for Mac is the exception. Not only does it have a great battery life, comes in a tiny size and has all the multi touch gesturing you’d expect with the Magic Mouse, one minute of charge give it one hour or use.

Nest thermostat/safe?

For years thermostats were stuck in the dark ages but thanks to ex iPod senior vice president Tony Fadell and the company he created, Nest now offers you a modern thermostat. One which learns from your habits and you can set with your smart device at a distance.
Nest has also recently brought out the Nest protect which offers not only smoke detection but carbon monoxide, heat, light and motion detection. It also has a smartdevice interface and can be hushed with motion gestures.

Pebble Smartwatch

Many people billed 2013 as the year of the smartwatch and wearable tech and while sony and Samsung stepped into the arean it failed to really deliver the promised radical changes. The Pebble line is widly considered the best of the current offerings with some great clock faces and a e-ink screen to give up to a weeks battery life. It’s not perfect and it might fall short of what you want in a smartwatch but it’s still the best out there.


Another great product that Matt reviewed earlier this year. Automattic helps you to drive smarter and save money and gas. Check out his review and how this product can help you.

Grove Case

I have a guilty pleasure for things made of wood. Maybe it’s silly childhood nostalgia of Cubs and scouts where we’d do some wood craft or maybe it’s just that wood grain looks cool. I don’t know but what I do know is I love these cases from Grove. They offer iPhone cases in a varity of woods including some with custom colors and iPad air and mini covers as well (including smart on and off features)

Steve Jobs Biography

Apple wouldn’t be the company it is without Steve Jobs. His approach to business has and will continue to influence many people for years to come. Why not read his biography by Walter Issacson and find out a bit more about the man behind the company.

iTunes Vouchers

If all else fails you can’t go wrong with some iTunes vouchers for books, videos, games and apps you really can’t go wrong.

What’s on your Christmas list?

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