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In general the best games on iOS devices are ones that dont try to mimic gamepad controls of those like the latest nintendo or sony offering, but instead make the most of the multi touch capabilities of the iPhone and iPad. It’s the reason games like threes! cut the rope, fruit ninja and even flappy bird take the App Store by storm. They make the most of the touch capabilities.

Lumena is a new game from indie developers Elevate that also follows a different interface and controlling system as well as having some other unique twists that set it apart from every other flappy bird clone out there. It is a rhythm, reaction based game with a unique electronic soundtrack by Modbom, which you can download from iTunes as well.

What I like

As stated, this game is unlike any other game I have played before. The concept is so simple that anyone can pick it up in a few seconds. There are two circles, one whole in the centre and the other made up of eight sections with lines coming from the centre. The general design is similar to a speaker, except the outline of the larger circle and the centre light up. To play you need to send balls of light from the centre to a lite point in the outside. This builds up your health levels which you can see in a bar on the side. If you don’t hit a lit point then your power decreases and your turn ends. If you hit a non lit point you break the side and the turn ends. To win, you complete going for as long as you can.


Although it’s a simple to play game with an easy concept, you still have to learn some tactics, like ignoring the hardest part where you may die and building up your energy at the easier parts. Then there is learning the tracks and the patterns that the rhythm goes through as well as watching the lines leading from the centre for where the next point will be.

appstore_lumena_4Even with all these tips and trick, you still need quick reactions to do well on this game.

The game is also very intensive and immersive which makes you focus hard on the game, ignoring what is going on around you. This is exactly the type of game that helps people to relax and take their mind of other things. The sound track plays a big role here as it compliments and benefits the gameplay greatly. The repeating rhythms don’t grow tiring nor stale but instead they help you know where you are in the game, giving you a point of reference for the coming pattern and help create a sense of tension and drive to play.


What I Don’t Like

When you make a mistake, the game and soundtrack stops. It’s a minor downside of an app that makes the experience decline. After all, the soundtrack is a huge part of the game and builds the atmosphere, having it stop regularly breaks the environment.

The game is also very tricky which is both a great positive and negative. It took me a long time to even get past the first level and I wonder if the game would be better by starting with an easier level which gets harder quickly. The positive is that difficulty of the game makes it very motivating to play, if it were too easy then there wouldn’t be such a sense of accomplishment. However, I feel the game could be improved by making it a little easier at the start.


Buy/Don’t Buy

Lumena is a great game for fans of electronic music and reaction games. The soundtrack really enhances the gameplay and the game is a great alternative take on a rhythm game.

If you are interested in the game (or even not sure) now is the time to buy it as there is a special introductory price of only $1.99 before it goes up to its regular price of $2.99.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


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