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Two weeks ago Matt announced that he was setting out to pasture, it had lived a good life but he and other core contributors had moved on to bigger and better things and he didn’t have the time or resources to invest in it.

I’m sure other members read this with the same feeling of sadness that I did. Not that long ago a few of my other favourite blogs had shut down for similar reasons and I didn’t want to see it happen again. I contacted Matt asking if there was anyone in the wing looking to take up the mantel and a few emails later we were exchanging funds and password codes.

I don’t want to turn this community into something that is completely different to what has gone before. I don’t want to betray the readers of this publication. But to do that I need your help to insure that what was good stays and what can be better gets implemented so I hope that you’ll help me out.
The short version is just to answer these questions

  • “The best thing about Macdaily is….”
  • “Macdaily would be better if…”

If you want to give me a little more help then just fill out this little survey, it won’t take more than five to ten minutes.

Click here to have your say in the future of

Thank you all for your time. Stay tuned for more great content.

Chris Wilson

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