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One of the interesting features the iPad Pro shipped with is the smart connector. This little adaptor at the bottom of the iPad Pro had looked like it had been designed for use with a keyboard where a user could plug one in and have a wired transfer of data and power. However, there was the potential of further accessories for the smart connector providing more functionality. Well now after a good few months since the iPad pro was initially announced, there is a finally another smart connector accessory. The Logi Base, a charging doc for the iPad Pro.

This brings the grand total of accessories for the smart connector to three, two from logitech, one from Apple and two of which are keyboards. This probably won’t be the last we see but it is surprising that it has taken this long for more accessories to come. Perhaps the more consumer friendly 9.7″ iPad Pro will attract more buyers and development of smart connector accessories. I can certainly see a DJ style interface and other musical accessories really making use of the smart connector. Beyond that I really wonder what the Smart connectors future potential could be, what usages could emerge for a new connecting port and one that leaves the Lightning port avalible for other functions too. 

Anyway, the logi base doesn’t seem to charge particularly faster than the lightning port (if at all) which does raise the question over whether it is worth getting. However, the good viewing angle, option to charge an Apple Pencil simultaneously or a powered USB out of the lightning port (while charging)  will make it an attractive option for some.

[article via 9to5 mac]

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