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Let’s make things Clear!

If there was ever an app that represented the Apple way of simple, stylish and smooth, it would have to be Clear by Realmac Software.
Clear is a to-do list or task maker app for the iPhone and Mac that utilizes iCloud.  There are many list makers out there but, I’ve found Clear to be the most simple and fun to use. Create grocery lists or tasks by pulling down on a list to add items, pinch apart with your fingers to insert tasks between other items, once a task or item is complete swipe right on them to check it off, the item will then have a scratched off line through it and then sent to the bottom of the list.

If you ever want to include the item again in your list just swipe right on it once more to put it back, and if you permanently would like to remove the item or list just swipe left and watch it disappear. You can also swipe from the screen edge of your iPhone to change lists easily. This feature can be turned off or on in settings.

One of the coolest features of Clear is its heat map, items on the top of the list are dark red telling you that these have the most priority or importance, as the list goes down the color of the list becomes lighter showing that these are less of a priority.

You can easily press and hold on an item then drag it up or down based on importance to you, you’ll then see its color change to match priority level.  There are different color themes you can change in settings all using the same heat map feature. There are also themes you can unlock by doing things like following Clear on twitter or buying it as a gift for someone.

Using iCloud to store your lists and tasks is great, if you don’t want to create a list using your iPhone you can just sit in front of your Mac and type up a grocery list, then just head out to the store and just swipe away completed items while shopping.

The thing that really makes this app great is its responsiveness, it never lags or crashes on me and I’ve been using Clear as my grocery list maker for months now. Apps like these I believe are the reason the iPhone was made for. It does a great job of really showcasing how smooth iOS really is.

There is currently no iPad version but, the folks at Realmac software have stated that they are currently working on one. Let’s hope it’s out soon!

Check out the video below to see Clear in action

After reading and watching I hope I’ve made things a little more Clear!

Download Clear for the Mac here for $9.99

Download Clear for the iPhone here for $1.99

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