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To do lists are a great tool for staying on top of the projects, activities and one of actions that you have to do in a day. However, todo lists aren’t really that great for working on your habits. Sure you can set up a repeating task (and for a weekly event this might be a great idea) but imagine setting up daily tasks for all the habits you want to develop.

How many tasks would you need on your list and there’s always a risk that they’re going to distract you from the more important task? For example, imagine seeing drink one litre of water a day next to email Jane re…

Perhaps it’s worth checking out an app that is designed to help you develop habits and targets certain motivational triggers to do that. Step in Lift.

What Is Lift?

Unlike todo lists, lift is a habit app. It aims to help you start and keep doing daily activities. You simply sign up to the habits that you want (for example, write a blog post, go for a run, read the bible, meditate, or thank someone) and then “check in” with that habit once you have done it for the day. Simple right? Well Lift has a few tools that game your motivation to encourage you to keep at your habits till they are second nature.


When setting up a new habit you really have to think hard about it. Obviously when something is not a habit it’s not natural to do (even if you enjoy it) so it’s easy to forget. Lift will give you a daily reminder (24 hours after you last did it) to prompt you to do this habit.

It’s not perfect, after all it will come after you need to do it so it’s worth trying to integrate checking lift and the habits you’ve set into your daily ritual (like when you check your todo list). However you can set a notification or email reminder. These reminders will also encourage you by telling you how your “streak” is going (for example, you’ve checked in for the last 4 days…) which gives you that extra boost to keep going.

Encouraging other people

One of the great features of lift is that you aren’t going alone, when you sign up to a habit you join other members of that habit. After you check in and perhaps describe what you did you can interact with other members encouraging them, sharing ideas. On a basic level you can “prop” other members (which is similar to “liking” on Facebook or “plusing” or Google plus) but you can go further with commenting.

It’s highly addictive and great to pick up ideas from other members and fun to encourage other people as well.

Training Plans

One of the more unique features is you can sign up for plans. Unlike just joining a habit these will be a group of habits around a theme (such as getting fit where they have different exercise routines, different food to eat, or other habits around getting fit.). Some will present you with a whole load of habits all at once, some will change over time slowly building up, or just alternating between different habits that you need. Some are even just a different task each day more like a…well training plan.

Buy/Don’t Buy?

Lift is free so it’s not a matter of doshing out the cash for the app and service. This does raise the question of how they are financing the service. However it is a great way to start some daily habits in a way that doesn’t make you feel guilty when you miss doing the habit but instead makes you feel good when you do it with positive re-endorsement.

If there is a habit that you’ve been trying to start doing but something has kept you from getting into, then sign up and give it a go.

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