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Last week an iOS focused blog came out with an article targeted at single people on valentines day on how to get free porn on the iDevices.It seemed out of character with the site and caught many people of guard. For us here at Macdaily it was the last incentive we needed to join the fight against porn.

This may lose some of our readers but we believe it is an important issue to rase and worth it.

Not That Big a Deal Right?

You might be saying that Porn isn’t that big a deal and people should be free to look at porn and write about it if they want. Sure, fine if you want to read about porn and watch it then it is your choice and I won’t stop you but please give me an opportunity to convince you why your life will be better without porn before I give you some tools to stay porn free.

The Damage Caused by Porn

You might associate people who are against porn being boring religious fuddy duddies who wear only beige but there are some very good reasons to avoid pornography. Check out this article from GQ with 10 reasons why you should quit watching porn. 

A summary is it leads to poor sexual performance and great dissatisfaction with your sex life as well as the feeling of being “controlled” by your sexual desires.

Limit Porn on iOS

In iOS 7 there is actually an inbuilt block on adult content. All you need to do is go to settings > general > restrictions > enable restrictions > websites > limit adult content. (You can also block explicit lyrics from music or films)

From here you can have someone enter a password that blocks adult content on iOS. If you end up at a site with adult content you can simply enter the passcode and then you can visit it.

The danger is sometimes these filters can pick up on “adult content” that includes a bit of violence or swearing, or block a whole site due to one article.

An alternative is the net nanny app which is an alternative browser than Safari that has three levels of safety (all of which block porn). The only issue with net nanny is you have to disable all other browsers and use their browser instead.

Luckily, the official App store takes a strict no adult material so you don’t need to worry about apps with adult material on them. Just the internet browser…which isn’t much help.

Limit Porn on Osx

With OSX there are more resources and tools in the fight against porn. In fact, the built in parental controls are fairly good. You get to them via the system preferences and then click on view in the menu bar and scroll down to parental controls. From here you can assign different settings on each account on the Mac depending on who is going to use them.

Not only can you create a black list and white list of websites but you can limit certain apps, set an approved list of contacts to message with, put time limits on the account and even block the webcam. All things to help ease a parents mind though perhaps not the best for an adult who has a problem.

An alternative is X3watch. Not only can you block adult content but it also monitors your use of the internet. If you visit a site you shouldn’t it will send a report to people you have asked to hold you to account. The knowledge that people are going to be asking about why you visited this or that site can be enough to persuade you not to and if it doesn’t, you’ll get support from other people.

X3 watch has a freemium model with extra features and a single, unified report from the premium version.

the Tech is Just the Start.

Although there are some great tools to prevent you from looking at porn and you can put barriers up and automatically send reports to people when you use your device to check porn but if you really want to, you can just turn these safeguards off.

You need to dedicate yourself to the pursuit of being porn free and have a group of people helping you out, keeping you to account.

Our Promise To You

As part of our mission in the fight against porn we promise we will never publish an article helping you check out porn or access porn on your devices and we will let you know about tools to help you in the fight against porn.

I hope you’ll join us and if you know of any resources, please leave them in the comments.

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