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Jason Snell on the Logitech Base

Six Colors Review logitech base

It’s also a bit too upright to do much typing on the software keyboard—this is an angle suited more for watching video than anything else.

I suspect this explains a lot about who this device is targeted towards, not necessarily the iPad power user but instead the type of person who watches videos, uses a cookbook app and plays music from their iPad, never really taking it out of the house).

Straight from the off I wondered if there was really a place for this stand and if it really did anything better than just using a lightning cable. Jason also points out how annoying it is to use when you use a smart cover or smart keyboard. I suspect that means this is really for the causal consumer not the producer…but then again, isn’t the iPad pro for the producer? Why buy one if you don’t want to use the keyboard cover…or apple pencil.

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