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Jailbreak? On Second Thought….

With Apple seemingly taking its cues from the jailbreak
community for the latest update to iOS 7 coming this fall, how many people are
having second thoughts about jail breaking their respective iDevices?

I once thought long and hard about doing this myself, mainly
because I liked the idea of fully customizing my mobile experience, choosing a new icon theme seemed like a nice option to
have and adding different tweaks to make the phone function differently was tempting
as well.

Now with control center allowing me to get to certain
settings quickly, multitasking offering a full page preview, 3d wallpapers and
the whole new parallax phenomena, is this enough to keep most people from
joining the jailbreak community?

I will probably not even consider doing this now, mainly
because I like a stable OS and having experienced jail breaking an iPhone for
testing purposes, I found that the more tweaks or changes I made the more unstable
it became.

The more features we get the more and more we want,
developers out there will always be thinking up new and creative ways to get  things done on our phones and tablets. While
most people I believe are content with a stock OS experience and don’t mind
waiting for Apple to finish polishing their newest features, some folks will
choose to dive in early, bugs and all to experience the latest innovations.

One thing does seem to be clear with this newest version of
iOS,  Apple is getting better at closing
the gap of wanted features, which the jailbreak community and other mobile
operating systems have had for a while.

Although certain things like widgets or multiple user accounts
still elude us, my hope is Apple is polishing and/or coming up with better ways
to introduce and implement these functions in the future.  I’m pretty certain the newest stock version of
iOS coming this fall will please many more users than disappoint.

What say you? Let us know know in the comments below. 

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