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Recently I’ve noticed a change in how I use my iPad, something small but significant. Where I used to work all day and not notice my iPad’s battery, now I’ve started to notice it and occasionally need to charge it during the day. Seeing as an all-day battery life was a reason I loved the iPad over other devices, I thought it was worth discussing.

Disclaimer: I’m running the beta

I’m currently running the iOS 12 beta so that’s usually a reason why battery life isn’t as good. At the same time, it’s no public beta 5 and this beta has felt much more stable. I doubt that this can be the only factor.

Power apps

My suspicion for why my battery life is lower, is that I use more power apps on the iPad now and there are more power apps. Several drawing apps require a lot of power to run (especially with the apple pencil and the increased screen refresh rate or complicated vector rendering and exporting tools).

With my change in jobs, I suspect that there has also been an impact in my app use. I can tell you exactly what that is but seeing as I have a mac at work to use for my writing, I wonder if the percentage of my use of the iPad has shifted towards the pencil and power apps.

Sidenote: using the lightning to HDMi/VGA adaptor

I used to run a lot of presentations from my iPad using the lightning connector kits (I needed both because every now and again, a place wouldn’t have an HDMI connector to their projector). This really kills your battery and I don’t really count it in my equation as it was easily identifiable and I could usually plugin at this point as I was plugged in.

Is this a trend?

This may be a personal change and it may be temporary. I’m fully willing to accept that this highly subjective post may just be wrong and battery life could be better than ever. Still, with more power apps and an increased promotion of using the pencil, there a good chance battery life could take a hit. Personally, solving this with a bigger battery isn’t the ideal solution for me, the low weight is great for holding like a tablet.

Whatever the truth is, I hope that I stop noticing my battery again soon. The peace of mind to not need to consider bring a charger along is great.

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