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iTunes Radio: A Closer Look

The much talked about iRadio music subscription service that Apple was rumored to release turned out to be a Pandora like clone called iTunes Radio. This is a wise business move, instead of offering an all you can eat subscription like Spotify Apple obviously prefers you to buy from iTunes, so they offer an ad-supported music streaming service and make it easy to purchase with just one tap.
You can find iTunes Radio directly in your music app located next to your playlists, artists, songs and more icons at the bottom. If you’re an iTunes match subscriber than its ad-free, a nice additional bonus. iTunes match is currently $24.99 a year. For more information on iTunes match click here.

With one look it’s easy to see why music labels agreed to make a deal with Apple. While music is playing, the price to download the song shows in the top right corner, if you tap the info button it takes you to a full album page in the iTunes store, giving you the option to purchase all the tracks. This makes music discovery and impulse buying easy as 1 2 3.

Buy Button

You can now create radio stations from your own music library just tap the create button at the bottom of any music playing and it will bring up a pop up asking you to create from artist or from song, now you’ll keep getting music similar to the artist or song you selected. You can always change the name of the radio station later. You can also create a station from a selection of genres like pop, rock, alternative, Christian, country, etc….. when you choose a genre it will give you the option to choose a sub-genre like Indie pop or electronic alternative.


While music is streaming if you tap the star at the bottom it will bring up options to play more like this, never play this song, or add the current song to an iTunes wish list to purchase later. It also keeps a history of songs played, making it easy to go back through and decide if you’d like to buy.


You can skip songs you don’t want to listen to as well but, from my testing the limit right now seems to be five songs, maybe this is different with the ad-free version as a bonus to subscribers of iTunes match we’ll have to wait and see after the official launch.

There really isn’t much to say about iTunes radio, it’s just a simple and easy way to discover and buy music from the iTunes store. For more information check out the official iTunes Radio page on Apple’s website here.

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