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iTunes: Buy Now, Download Later

Macworld has broken the news that iTunes now allows users to purchase now and download later! While this may be a smaller change, a change that has been needed for sure.
I constantly download apps on my iPhone only to find out I am not on wifi and need it to download those pesky apps over 20 megs. Apple to the rescue! Instead of forgetting to download said app, I can buy it and download it later! Problem solved.

From Macworld:

When purchasing any of the above items using iTunes 11 on a Mac or Windows PC, or an iOS device running iOS 6 or later, you’re now presented with Later and Download (or Download All) buttons. Tap Later and the purchased items will be added to your iTunes account and accessible to stream or download in the future via Apple’s iTunes in the Cloud feature.

If you decide to download your iTunes content later, it will be available for download or streaming via iTunes in the cloud. The new download later functions have been added to all iOS 6 iDevices along with our lovely Macs running the latest release of iTunes.

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