Is iOS 7 Enough?

Lately as an Apple Fanboy, iOS and the iPhone as a whole is falling back into the niche of becoming more a phone than a smartphone for me.

I don’t really game on my iOS iDevices and I truly only use about 4 to 5 apps on my iPhone. Flipboard, Mail, Reeder and a few “sometimes” apps like Vesper, Google+, Simple and Strava.

Am I getting bored of the same thing but in a different color, or am I getting bored of iOS as a whole? The alternative is not what I want at all. The cheap plastic, the horrendous crashes, the all to familiar fragmentation. Android is not an option.

Will iOS 7 bring with it a new face and underlings or will it just be a pretty face to the same old undercarriage?  Can a car wash bring about a new car underneath it all. Not without an overhaul.

Outside of Control Center, a revamped Notifications Center, and a few bells and whistles, is iOS 7 really enough to keep the Fanboys happy and the new customers switching?

The answer is truly unknown.

The iPhone 6 (not the 5S or whatever is next) will bring about a new change that will wow us as did the 4 and now the 5 but in a much bigger way. The design, paired with continuing updates to the iOS infrastructure can truly bring about wanted change and a new love for Apple’s ecosystem.

Till the iPhone 6 hits, we are in a state of in-between. This is where we need to live and be for a while. Will iOS 7 be enough?

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