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Apple released a new “Everyday” iPhone commercial¬†highlighting the Facetime technology included on the iPhone. It’s very well done and includes a set of different people using Facetime to communicate with their loved ones. Like the previous two “Everyday” commercials, Apple is doing a good job of communicating a very important message. The iPhone is about you and the people that are most important to you, not so much about the technology.

Here’s a brief look at how Apple is writing their story with the iPhone:

Facetime Everyday
People young and old, communicating via video on their iPhones. From what looks like engagement news, new apartment, a new love, to a possible break-up, Facetime is there to put a face to your voice. Voice is all we know when it comes to phones, but video chat has put gestures, and emotion front and center by telling the other person how we react with our facial expressions. There’s nothing more special than seeing the smile of a loved one on the other side of the screen.

Music Everyday
Music plays a huge role in people’s lives. In this ad, the focus is on the visuals. People lost in their music, while their body does the natural thing of moving to the tune that is coming out of their white earbuds. The message here is very clear. Nobody knows music like Apple does. They revolutionized the digital music market and they are laser focused on providing an effective device that will move you. Let us not forget how Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone:

An iPod, a phone, an internet communicator” – Steve Jobs

Photos Everyday
Photos tell stories. They tell of our adventures, our sorrows, our love and our passions. From wedding, vacation, family and even food, we understand there’s a story that is being told with each photo. The iPhone is the most used camera on Flickr and Instagram is what it is because of the iPhone. In this ad, we see people in different places recording their moments for the world to see. The message here is clear: The best camera you have is the one that is with you… in the iPhone.

What makes these commercials so good and effective is the way it pulls at the heartstrings. This is not about robotic droids, RAM, SOC (System On a Chip) or screen size. It’s about people. Front and center, this ad goes with the philosophy that Apple wants to be there to make the experience of using their products about people. It’s about enhancing the lives of those who have made the iPhone their device.

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