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iPhone 6s, what could we expect?

With the iPhone event less than two weeks away, we round up all the rumors and speculations we’ve heard this past year regarding the next iPhone. Hopefully some of these rumors will hold true, come September 9th.

Firstly, we’re not even a hundred percent sure that Apple will even call the next iPhone the iPhone 6s, so don’t be suprised if Apple calls it something else on September 9th. The reason why I’m personally skeptical is because the iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus sounds like a bit of a mouthful but we’ll see. Many people are adament it will be called the iPhone 6s, and we haven’t heard anything different/better so everyone is running with it right now.

New color

One of the more recent stories we’ve heard, is that Apple is planning on introducing a new iPhone color, rose gold. No accessory manufacturer knows the exact size/dimensions of the next iPhone but Spigen is one company that is cleverly promoting their iPhone 6s cases with this color in mind, generating hype. But with ‘s’ releases it does get a little easier to make an educated guess on the dimensions of the next iPhone design.


After last years bendgate controversy, it looks as though Apple has learnt from past mistakes, according to some leaked iPhone 6s casing images, the new iPhone will have a reinforced chassis meaning it is going to be 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 6 (which is 6.9mm), we hope this puts an end to iPhones getting bent in pockets.

No more protruding camera?

While we’re on the subject of the design of the next iPhone, as the casing is a little thicker (according to the leaked iPhone 6s casing images), we hope this means there won’t be a protruding rear camera. Those of you that have an iPhone 6 will probably say it’s something of an annoyance that the iPhone 6 doesn’t sit nicely on a flat surface. Is the iPhone 6 too thin? Personally, I’d give up some thin-ness for better battery life and no protruding camera.

An improved camera

Apple is also said to upgrade the camera in the upcoming iPhone, bumping the megapixels from 8MP to 12MP. Photos aren’t the only thing expected to change, Apple may announce 4K video recording and possibly improvements to the Slo-mo recording feature. This improved camera change is probably going to be the biggest for me and it’s probably going to be the deciding factor on whether the iPhone 6 will be worth purchasing.

Force Touch

One of the biggest features that’s very likely to be coming to the iPhone 6s is Force Touch (Apple Watch-like pressure sensors). There’s solid evidence in iOS 9 of Force Touch but like the split-screen multitasking code found in iOS 8, we still haven’t got split-screen multitasking, instead we’ll be seeing it in iOS 9. Maybe we’ll see Force Touch in the iPhone 6s Plus and not the 6? Anyway, Force Touch means that the screen will respond to deep presses and simple taps. There’s mixed feelings about this feature, some people (like me) are skeptical and fail to see how it could improve iOS, others think Force Touch will make things more convenient, saving a few taps here and there. We’ll just wait and see how this one plays out.

Home button removed?

There’s also been talk of Apple removing the Home button completely in the new iPhone 6s. Rumors started when we first heard about Force Touch, where users can firmly press the screen to do different things, some even speculated that Touch I.D. might be moved to the screen. Then again I think this was one of the more wacky rumors.

A9 processor + 2GB RAM

Apple is expected to equip the iPhone 6s with their new A9 processors, giving the new iPhone that extra bit of power. The iPhone 6 runs with an A8 processor, so the iPhone 6s is inevitably going to be faster and smoother. We’re also hoping for 2GB RAM in the iPhone 6s, the same amount of RAM that runs the iPad Air 2, thats more than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This will mean Safari will no longer refresh webpages/tabs when you switch back to it from another app.

16GB base models

We recently posted about the rumor that Apple may still continue the 16GB size as the base for the upcoming iPhones which you can read here. With the improved camera and probably 4K video recording I think 32GB will be fitting as a base model, 16GB will soon fill up for even casual iphoneographers who snap photos or record videos once in a while.

Along with the release of the new iPhone, we’re expecting the announcment of a new Apple TV (launch in October?) and a new iPad, we’ll also see the official release of iOS 9 (currently in public beta) here’s what you can expect from the new iOS…
Redesigned Notes app
Siri improvements
Transit in the Maps app
New app called News
iPad multitasking
Keyboard improvements
– Other iOS 9 changes/improvments

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