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iPhone 6s – #Chipgate?

You’ve probably heard that Apple is using two different chips in their recently released iPhone 6s, one made by Samsung and the other made by TSMC. You probably assume Apple made sure both are built to offer similar performance in the iPhone 6s, but it seems that isn’t true. More after the jump…

It isn’t a normal Apple release without some controversy, last year it was #Bendgate, where iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users reported their devices were getting all bent out of shape after sitting down with their devices in their pockets. This year, it’s #Chipgate?

While Apple learnt from their mistake last year and now use 7000 aluminium alloy for a stronger body on their new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, #Chipgate, yeah that’s what everyone’s calling it, is the belief that one chip is better than the other in the new iPhone 6s.

Well-known tech YouTubers have come to the conclusion that and iPhone 6s with the TSMC chip is better than an iPhone 6s with the Samsung chip (which is 10% smaller).

Austin Evan’s ran a couple of tests to prove this…

The video shows Austin running the Geekbench 3 battery test with the brightness of each device (different A9 chips) set the same, to see how long it takes each device to reach 50%. The test revealed the iPhone 6s with the TSMC chip lasted 50 minutes longer than the iPhone 6s with the Samsung chip, it even ran at a cooler temperature.

How to check which A9 chip you have?
1. Download and run Lirum Device Info from the App Store
2. In the small box showing ‘Storage and Model Information’, under ‘Model’ you’ll see which A9 chip your iPhone has.

iPhone 6s Samsung model number: N71AP
iPhone 6s TSMC model number: N71mAP
iPhone 6s Plus Samsung model number: N66AP
iPhone 6s Plus TSMC model number: N66mAP

While the average consumer may not notice the difference under real-life use, if you’re a heavy users, i.e. recording/editing 4K video, playing graphically intense games on your iPhone 6s, you’re going to hope to have an iPhone 6s with the TSMC chip. Unfortunately, there’s no way to find out which chip your iPhone 6s has before you purchase.

The developers of Lirum Device Info have removed the app from the App Store due to some issues with the iPhone 6s and iPad Air 2. More info here.

Which A9 chip do you have? Let us know in the comments below

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