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The Look

Apple’s new iPhone continues to provide the beautiful, yet familiar, aluminum and glass aesthetic while making a sudden shift to the colors to give it a sense of newness. The black version – which Apple calls “space gray” – is matched beautifully with silver reminiscent of the original iPhone. The color looks more natural than the previous versions of the hardware. It looks more like the color of the chipped and scratched scars of my slate iPhone 5. The look continues to be elegant and high-quality. At this point in time, the iPhone continues to be one of the best (if not the best) looking smartphone in the market.

Touch ID

Touch ID was introduced as one of the main features for the new iPhone. Fingerprint scanning on smartphones has been done before, but never this flawless and simple. Once again Apple does what it does best – It perfects technology in such a way that makes their competitors look foolish in comparison. No other company has perfected this technology as good as Apple has done with the iPhone 5s.

Before you start using Touch ID, you are asked by the software to record your fingerprint so that it can be recognized. It’s a brief setup that allows you to record up to 5 fingers for scanning. The setup will ask you to place your fingers in separate scenarios so that it can be recognized even if your finger is not placed perfectly in the middle of the home button. You have to take note that you have to setup a passcode in order to use Touch ID. As of today, there is no way of bypassing the passcode feature.

In my day-to-day use of the iPhone 5s it has never given me a hard time with using Touch ID. It works perfectly and very quick. There is no lag whatsoever. I tested other unscanned fingers to make sure the reading was flawless, and it never unlocked the phone with any other fingers other than the ones I setup as approved. I have setup 4 fingers to be allowed to unlock the iPhone. I used my iPhone mostly with my left hand, so I added my thumb and pointer on my left hand. Occasionally, I use my right hand, to access my iPhone, especially when I’m using my left hand for something else, so I added my thumb and pointer on my right hand as well. The last Touch ID scan, I gave to my wife’s pointer, in case I’m driving and she has to access my iPhone.

Touch ID is a huge feature that makes accessing your iPhone painless. I’m excited for the future of what Apple can do with this tremendously interesting technology. Imagine using this technology to grant access to different profiles of your family members with a new iPad? Also, a future where you can access secured websites, payments and other high-security access that can be done with just your fingerprint. I think Touch ID is just the beginning.

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The camera on the iPhone 5s is simply fantastical. It’s still 8 megapixels like the last iPhone, but the sensor is larger which provides better light coming into the lens with a greater aperture. What this means is better shots, especially in darker settings. The burst mode is fantastic, especially when taking photos of children, sports and any setting where speed may be a challenge.

The iPhone 5s also provides a dual flash that provides a better and more accurate look to skin tones when photographing people in the dark. While the iPhone’s photo hardware is impressive, it is the software in iOS 7 that makes all this technology great. The algorithms, speed, and power of the A7 chip is what takes home the trophy. No camera can hold a candle to the technology created by iOS 7 when it comes to photos. This is what makes the camera so impressive.

For video, we have image stabilization, slow motion video and live video zoom that make your video recording much better. The slow-motion feature is really neat and you can adjust the part of the video that you want to slow down. I think we will see a lot of creativity in this area. I love art and I can’t wait to see people’s creativity when it comes to this technology.

A7 Chip and M7 Co-processor

Without getting too geeky, the chips that live inside the iPhone 5s provide speed, power and efficiency in the day-to-day use of the iPhone. There is no lag anywhere to be seen. It’s faster when it comes to software, LTE, switching apps, video, games and pretty much anywhere where it’s needed. My iPhone 5 was always fast, and I never had an issue with lag. However, I think we’ll see more improvements as developers take advantage of the new power in the chip. 64 bit processing is impressive and I think we are just getting a feel of what is capable of. As of today, there isn’t too much to write about just yet.

The M7 processor is married to the A7 chip so that certain activity used is managed by it instead of the A7. This saves power so that you can use the motion-sensing technology all through the day to record fitness activity. I have a Fitbit, which I really love, but if what I hear about the M7 processor is true, there will be very little need for these devices in the future. However, the technology has to be almost flawless for me to give up my Fitbit.

Apple also boasts of the M7’s ability to recognize when you’re driving. According to them, the iPhone 5s has the ability for Maps to switch from driving to walking directions as you exit your vehicle. Also, when you put down your iPhone down and go to sleep, the M7 co-processor reduces network pinging so that your battery will not drain. Impressive technology!



The iPhone 5s will be the elephant in the room. Everyone will talk about it in two different ways. Some will say that it’sjust an iPhone 5 with a bit more power. Others, will say that the iPhone 5 is the best smartphone in the market today. For me, as a user, the iPhone 5s is a better looking, more powerful and a very innovative approach to the future of iOS.

The question is always asked whether or not it’s worth upgrading from an iPhone 5. The answer to that question is always left to the individual user. How important is speed, ease of use, a better camera Security, etc.? I upgraded from an iPhone 5, because I hated typing my 4 digit password. I also take thousands of photos a year on my iPhone and the innovation and quality of the 5s is worth the upgrade for me. The faster and more powerful chip is also something I really wanted. I rely on my iPhone more than any other device that I own. Even my personal Mac at home. The choice is entirely up to you.

Those who had anything earlier than an iPhone 5 will see a HUGE improvement over their older devices, so it’s easier to recommend an upgrade to those folks.

To put it simply, the iPhone 5s is the best iPhone in existence. I’ll go even further and say that the iPhone 5s is the best smartphone in the market today. What Apple has done is make something special, but they are also laying a foundation for more powerful features and capabiliteis that will rely on developers to test that 64 bit A7 and the M7 processors. I’m excited for the next generation of the iPhone and iOS 7.

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