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Every now and then you find a diamond in the rough, and even rarer it seems, you can find yourself a Gold iPhone 5s. Why you would want that god awful color is beyond me, but nonetheless you can find one.

Ever since the days of the first iPhone, folks have coded up quick and easy to use “finder” websites to help you find your dream machine. This time around is no different.

Coming to us from @tekay – is the iPhone 5s Finder.

This little web app allows you to find the iPhone 5s of your choice in size, color and even which carrier you decided upon.Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 7.36.35 AM

The tool scrapes he apple store inventory, and automagically shows who has what in their stores. Pretty sweet app let alone the brains that went into making it happen.

Great job guys!

Go grab your iPhone 5s whenever you want, don’t keep going to the store hoping for it to be in stock, know it’s in stock!

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