Is the iPhone 5’s headphone jack in the wrong place?

Everything was okay with the headphone jack on the iPhone 4. It seemed to be in a well thought out place at the top of the iPhone itself. A location that many phones across brands have seemed to be okay with. Apple had to be different.
Introducing the iPhone 5. Bigger screen, better processor, retina screen and the headphone jack on the bottom! What, wait.. err what?

To this day, it boggles my mind that they moved this. I get the argument of possibly inner parts placement, making room for a larger battery etc, but it is in a terrible place. There probably is a legitimate business reason for this, but I don’t want to hear that. It’s all about workflow.

Why is the headphone jack in the wrong place? Because. My argument here is simply that it makes my life harder. First world problems! By harder I mean a few extra motions, namely flipping the iPhone around every time I need to use it.

Throughout my day and largely in the car, my iPhone is shoved under my nether region as I am sitting at my desk or in my car. If my iBeats are plugged into the iPhone those obviously have to be sticking out. If I am using Pandora, or listening to iTunes on the iPhone, I have to pull it out of it’s spot, turn the thing around, then go about fooling around with the songs etc. As opposed to prior, just pull it out and go about my business.

While this is the smallest of complaints, it does bother me throughout my days. Holding it while the headphones are plugged in is also a bit awkward.

Do you think the headphone jack is in the wrong place? What is the true reasoning behind moving it to the bottom of the iPhone?