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Twelve days after the iPad air came out on sale and the iPad mini with retina display can now be ordered online at the Apple store. There has been a lot of speculation as to why the iPad mini with retina display (which is a pain to type out in full each time. Honestly Apple, you really should think about bloggers when you come up with your naming system.) was delayed including a lack in displays, which seems to be the official line that Apple are suggestion, to trying to encourage people to buy the iPad air which has bigger profit margins and even that this is a way to artificially inflate sales in the run up to christmas <sarcasm> I know that i’ll certainly be stocking up on 5 iPad minis to last the winter months<sarcasm/>

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Currently there is a 1 to 3 day delivery turn around for the 16GB and 32GB devices with WiFi and a 5 to 10 business day delivery time for larger models and those with celular.

Just In Time For Christmas

This is great timing for Apple in the run up to black Friday sales and the start of the christmas shopping period (though if you’re anything like me you try and get all your shopping done before the chaos of the Christmas shopping period). In fact, looking at the copy on the Apple store we can see that they are clearly marketing the mini as a gift. Whereas the Air is being marketed as though it is the no compromise iPad (and going beyond expectations).

iPad mini and Air

Though we currently don’t have dates for when the retina mini with retina displays will be in stores (this will be updates as soon as details are released)

Update: You can also arrange a personal pick up in the store. 

This news probably won’t help those who have been sitting on the bench over whether to get the Air or the new Mini with retina display. However, maybe our review of the iPad Air will help you decided which is the device for you.

Are you thinking of picking up an iPad mini?

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