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Almost daily I get a bad Facebook ad for some junkie tshirt based on my surname or university I attended. I hate them but I guess some people must buy them or else there wouldn’t be so many ads. Having said that, I have also purchased my fair share of tshirts from teespring to support podcasts I like and with messages that resonated with me. So I wondered, “Could I make a tshirt store and sell tshirts from just my iPad?”

This was the idea that kicked off this site, could this be done on the iPad (after all, it doesn’t support flash) and having tried to sell a couple of t-shirts in the past, what could I do that would actually work this time?

That’s why I know this isn’t just a technical limitation, but instead it is a creative and entrepreneurial challenge more than that. The fact that I’ve tried something similar on the Mac and managed to make the design and campaign but not succeed, let me know that technical issues aren’t the big problem.

Tshirt Challenge roadmap

So here is a bit of a roadmap.
1. Develop the idea
2. Make a set up the design on a store
3. Customise the store
4. Prepare a marketing campaign
5. Execute marketing campaign.
6. Sit back and watch the money role in (or not role in)
7. Make minor adjustments
8. Prepare for the next challenge

As I’ll be started this challenge a bit late (it’s the 11th though I’ve actually done some work already) I’ll have a bit under 30 days for this first challenge and I might do some overlap with the next challenge to make up for it.

Any advice?

Before I really dig in I wonder if you have any advice (other than “helpful” ideas like “don’t bother”). Leave a comment below with your ideas/encouragement.

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