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iPad Air 3 rumored to have a 4K screen and 4GB RAM

We’re already expecting Apple to announce a new 4-inch iPhone in March, but alongside this, reports are also saying that Apple is preparing to announce a third-generation iPad Air. The new device is rumored to have a 4K resolution, which is almost four times the pixels of the iPad Air 2. More after the jump.

Taiwanese trade publication, DigiTimes, say that according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers, the new iPad is expected to sport a 4K resolution panel, 4GB of RAM and improved battery life.

The current iPad Air 2 is already a pretty solid device, is comes equipped with Apple’s A8X chip and an M8 motion co-processor, and 2GB of RAM, which means it can take everything you throw at it with ease.

I wouldn’t really jump and shout about the battery improvements in upcoming iPad Air 3, or even the extra RAM for that matter, mainly because the device will need these to keep up with the iPad Air 2, because a 4K screen will put a lot of strain on a device that will probably match the weight and thinness of the current iPad Air.

The publication also says that they’re not expecting the iPad Air 3 to have 3D Touch

What do you guys think of the iPad Air 3? Will you be upgrading?

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