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iOSDaily is going ad free!

That’s right iOSDaily will no longer have ads on its pages. While our ads have never been obtrusive to our readers, we’ve decided to go a step further and completely remove them! All we ask in return is your support, see how you can support iOSDaily after the jump.

How you can support us
All we ask of our readers is to click the share/like buttons under our articles and spread the word about iOSDaily on your favorite social networking sites.

We’re already on Google+ and Twitter so don’t forget to follow us!

This is something that we’ve been thinking over for a while now, and we’ve decided to give you an Apple/iOS news site that is free from ads, we’ll give this new system a trial and see how it works out. Anyway, an ad free site means you’ll see some speed improvements, so you can focus on what matters, the news.

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