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Although the “ping” of a notification and the buzz from your iPhone are useful ways to be alerted to a new message or important prompt from an App, you might still miss them. If you are hard of hearing, have your phone across the room (and on a soft surface which absorbs the noise from your phone’s speakers or vibrations) then you might want a more visual form of notification.

The good news is that you can turn on LED flash notifications where your iPhone will flash to let you know that you have a notification. That’s right, you might have assumed that your iPhones LED flash was only useful for taking photos, making videos and finding your way in the dark. However, you can also use this LED light to signal notifications in a similar way you would on an Android Phone (okay, you can’t change what colour the LED is or the fine tune settings like you can on Android but what’s new there).  It’s really simple to do so lets take a look.

How to turn on LED notifications on your iPhone

First go into your settings by pressing on the settings icon. Now enter into your general settings and then accessibility.

Next scroll down to the hearing section and tap on LED Flash for alerts.
This will take you into the LED Flash for alerts options which you can then edit as you like with either your iPhone’s flash going off with every notification or only when your ringer is on silent.


Now when you get a message or alert on your iPhone, your LED light on the back of your iPhone will flash and alert you to the notification you received.

Do you use LED notification on your iPhone?

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