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iOS Tips: 3 hidden features you may not know

As a premier mobile operating system, Apple’s iOS packs thousands of useful tools into a small package. In the scant five years since the iPhone’s debut and the three years since the iPad’s public appearance, much has changed in our beloved mobile OS. In fact, with each major iOS update, hundreds of new features get added. It’s easy to miss a few (or a few dozen), especially if Apple’s tweaked an app you don’t use regularly. In addition to some quite practical tweaks to both call-handling and the Mail app, some changes made for accessibility purposes can be put to, shall we say, otherwise nefarious purposes.
Here are a few iOS tricks you may not know about yet:

1. Quickly find all drafts in Mail.

When using iOS’s default Mail app, hold down on the compose icon in the lower right-hand corner. All of your in-the-middle-of missives will appear, ready for you to complete or kill at your pleasure. No more searching through your inboxes for that one elusive email you know you started writing some time last week.

2. Invert all iOS colors.

This is beneficial for both pranking and night-time reading. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility, then scroll down to the bottom and hit Triple-click Home. Choose Invert Colors. Now, when you hit your home button quickly three times in a row, your screen’s colors will invert. Hit your home button three times again to revert back to normal.

3. Decline calls with a pre-set text message.

When your iPhone rings and you’d rather not answer it, click Reply with Message. But, you’ll still have to enter a message. It’s much more time efficient if you’ve already pre-loaded messages into your phone. To do this, go to Settings > Phone > Reply with Message. Click within any of the form fields and type your new message. I’d recommend stating the truth: “Yes, I screen my calls. I may or may not get back to you. Maybe send a text next time?”

What little-known iOS tips have you found?

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  1. I always forget to change the “Reply with Message” feature because I am usually busy at the time I need it and think about it. I just went in and changed it to a custom message. Good stuff!