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iOS Tip: Show your iDevices battery percentage

From time to time we here at Macdaily want to be able to share easy, quick tips to help iOS be all it can be.
The tip we want to share with you today is a very simple one, but one of the first things I do when I get a new iDevice. I hate to see just a battery icon, I need to know facts, not guestimates!

This is where this easy tip comes in!

Today we will be showing you how to show your iDevices battery percentage, instead of the default battery image.

First step is hitting up the settings app:


Once in the settings app you will need to scroll down just a bit to the General options button. Click on that to open up those options.


Okay, so now we are in General options, you will see Usage as the third from the top option, tap that to open it up.


Once in Usage, scroll down to the area labeled “Battery Usage” and tab “on” to Battery Percentage.

It is that simple. Now off you go, go set this up! Come back if you have any questions or need any further help.

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