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Messages is one of my most used apps on the iPhone. Texting has become a faster, right to the point, specific messages. It’s all you need. With keyboard shortcuts, it’s even faster!

The Messages app in iOS 7 looks great and the left to right gesture to get back to your main screen within Messages is fantastic, there is a hidden feature even I as a beta tester never found. Timestamps!

When you are in between breaks of testing it will automatically timestamp your conversations, but if you want a text by text timestamp, there is a gesture just for you!

Simply swipe across a conversation in Messages from right to left. As you drag, you’ll reveal per-message timestamps. They slide away as you release your swiping finger.

It’s that simple. Can you ask for a cooler way to show you when your wife last messaged you about grabbing some groceries on the way home?

Check out the beauty that is “timestamps”.


[Via: Macworld]

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