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iOS Tip: Keep your iMessages private!

By default, Apple has enabled iMessage and SMS previews on your iDevice’s lock screen to show the entire message. If you’d rather keep your messages albeit business related or super secret texts from the wife (we wont’ judge!) secret and protect yourself from serious embarrassment, there is a setting for you!

Just imagine you are out at lunch with some work friends and in comes a iMessage. Your iPhone just so happens to be on the table and up comes a picture fromt he wife. You act as quickly as possible all the while turning a dark red and wondering if anyone actually saw it. This may have happend to me or it may not have, but don’t let it happen to you!

The setting is easy and something I recommend to anyone new to the iDevice!

Launch the settings app from your iDevice and scroll till you see Notifications.


Tap on the Notifications button and scroll a bit till you see Messages in your Notification Center.


Once inside of the Message settings, scroll down about half way to the setting labeled “Show Preview”. Make sure it’s set to off.


No matter how you have this set, we won’t judge, but save the embarrassment and possible trouble it may cause in the work place.

I have had very funny conversations around this being on folks iDevices, do you have any funny stories around your lock screen lighting up with something no one should have seen or read? Let us know in the comments below.

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