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iOS Tip: Hide Newsstand Without Jailbreaking!

When the folks at Apple announced Newsstand, I could honestly say I wasn’t excited in the least. It’s an application, stuck on my iDevice that I can’t delete, and it’s an app I have not and probably never will use.
I should be able to delete it! Or at least put into a folder.

The issue of Newsstand not being able to be put into a folder by default has been a headache since iOS 6 was released. Why has Apple forsaking us!?!?

As I have written before, I am very retentive and I like my home screen a certain way. I like it neat and tidy. Only a few lucky apps make my home screen. Newsstand has never been one of them. This is a gripe of mine and many others, but a wise man once said,

Connect your device and press “Hide Newsstand” to put the Newsstand icon inside a folder”

That wise man was Filippo Bigarella, the creator of StifleStand. StifleStand is a simple utility that without a Jailbreak, hides that pesky Newsstand icon in a folder.


StifleStand is a simple app, both for our beloved Mac OS X and the shamed Windows, and it’s a fantastic one at that.


Simply install StifleStand, run it, hit that cute little button that reads “Hide Newsstand” and BAM, your iDevice is looking sexier already! While this tool has been around for some time, there is no need for a Jailbreak which makes it stand the test of time.

Currently I have Newsstand hidden on my iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.3 installed on it. Works like a charm.

Go grab this tool as fast as you can here. It’s free and works like a charm!

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