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Ever wonder how some people seem to reply so quickly through text messages. The trick is to set up keyboard shortcuts to help you send a quick response when needed. Follow the steps below and you’ll be one of the cool kids in no time.

To add your own keyboard short cuts just open the Settings app, tap General scroll down and tap Keyboard, all the way at the bottom you’ll find Shortcuts.

Just tap add a new Shortcut… then put in a phrase for example like “I’m on my way” then add the shortcut you’d like to use for example I use “omw”.

Now when you want to send a quick reply to a friend letting them know you’re on the way just type the letters “omw” and it will automatically expand to “I’m on my way”. (Screenshots below)

If you only have six shortcuts in use they will all display under shortcuts found in keyboard settings anything more than six and you’ll then get a scrolling list of shortcuts similar to your contacts so you can look them up by search. You can remove any shortcut by sliding right and then pressing the delete button; tapping on any shortcut allows the user to make any changes they may want.

That’s all it takes folks to become a quick responder, let us know if this tip was helpful to you.

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