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iOS 7: Music and Photos

I may be reading too much into it, but what if the latest iPhone commercials are a sneak peak at two of the greatest enhancements to iOS 7, Music and Photos. It is a fact that the iPhone is the most used device for photos and music compared to its competitors. This is one of the reasons why they have been so successful. So perhaps it would be good to see Apple enhance these features by making it even better and harder for competitors to catch up.


Surely you’ve heard the news about Apple’s desire to launch a radio-like music service. News is that they finally reached agreements with the studios to be able to launch it. If so, this is a great innovation that guarantees that iPhone users continue to see the iPhone as the best device to listen to music. If it’s well integrated with iTunes and makes music a much more enjoyable experience, it will make a lot of iPhone users very, very happy (myself included).


iPhone is the most used camera in the world so why not make the experience a bit better. The iPhone 5 has a terrific camera, but the way you manage photos can be better. If Apple was to offer a better photo management solution, it would make things a lot better for iOS users. I would also appreciate if they find a way to “merge” iPhoto into the camera app for easy and simple editing of photos. Add a better solution to sharing photos via iOS (replace photostream) and it can be a powerful feature.

I expect both of these to be enhanced in iOS 7. The iPhone will continue to be the best device to listen to music, take photos and share them with those you care about.

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