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iOS 7: I Already Paid For Your App! Don’t Charge Me Again!

Let’s start with the disclaimer that I am cheap. You may not be but I am and I am okay with that. Some of our writers are not, and that is completely fine. But I think we are all on the same page surrounding this news from the iOS 7 front.
For the last few days, the Twittersphere has been abuzz with certain apps possibly going the way of a paid upgrade once you update to iOS 7.

They are wanting to cash in on the 93% stat that was dropped at WWDC aren’t they? Yes they are. That 93% stands for the amount of users running the latest and greatest version of iOS.

I don’t like this idea at all. It is truly a business decision and not a decision for the customer.

As always we have a choice in this matter. Or do we?

We do have a choice, but it’s a choice that is needed. A forced choice is a necessary evil.

Let’s take the example of Instacast (rumors of it being a paid update come iOS 7), I own a copy for iOS 6 which I love. But the evil that comes into play is this; If I want to upgrade to iOS 7, I can do one of two things, either decide to use iOS 7 without Instacast or I have to pay again for something I already own.

If I want to play basketball on this court I have to buy these shoes, I also have to buy the same shoes when they repave it each year. No thanks!

Do you see the flaw in this thinking? This is sketchy at best, and really needs to be discussed and fixed!

If this is a major release that offers a new design, code and is being rebuilt from the ground up, it could possibly pass, but I doubt smaller companies are putting major over hauls into their business plans just for iOS 7.

So what can be done?

I believe that a new design, as what Apple has done with iOS 7, would be your (the devs) chance to draw in new customers alone. There is no need to hit up your existing customers to pad your bottom line.

So implement as part of your business plan, a process in which you or your team codes a better interface and new functionality for your app. Include more sharing options etc. This will inevitablly draw new reviews from the blogosphere and bring your app back into the limelight.

There are other ways to get this done, don’t blame your poor business model and judgement on an new iOS from Apple. Shame on you!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Is this slimy business practices or is this a last ditch effort from the little dev out there?

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  1. Let me first state that I would be very upset if I have to pay again, and that I am not a developer, That out of the way. You analogy is provoking but if I owned a basketball court that I had to repave every year, or did it because that was what the players wanted, you had better believe there will be some cost to play on the court. The developers have to work on the program every time there is an update just to keep selling there product (avoiding bad reviews ect.) and this is already standard practice for pc/mac software companies that have to do yearly updates.
    Mind you I think this will only be passable on the apps we value most, poorly valued apps will be out the window with bad reviews they wont recover from.