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Today is the big day. The day that iOS 7 hit’s your iDevice. Sometime in the next few hours, millions of people will be upgrading to Apple’s latest and widely talked about update to iOS.

Before you make the jump, let’s talk through a couple common sense things.

Back Up your iDevice.

Do this now. Whether it’s in the cloud or directly to your Mac via iTunes, you must backup.

Wait a day or two.

Now this advisement has nothing to do with iOS 7 being junky or waiting for Apple to work out any kinks, this is due to the shear number of folks who will want to upgrade in hour one and on day one. It may take an hour or more just to get the update to show on your iDevice.

Enjoy it!

iOS 7 brings about a new way of using your iPhone and iPad. It’s cleaner, more simple, and of coarse more functional than before. Take your time to view the great animations that iOS 7 introduces, the simple yet fantastic icons throughout the OS and of coarse new functionality such as Control Center.

The Photos App, the Camera along with all other built in Apple Apps have been updated. Bringing with them new functions such as swipe from the left to right to go back to a previous page. New icons, new addons and more.

Today is a big day for Apple. The negative reviews out of the way, this is the day they care about. The day that iOS 7 hit’s the users. Not the developers or reviewers who whine, today is the day. Millions of people will weigh in, and I am sure Apple are on their tip toes trying to get the first peak at the smiles, laughter, exclamation or even sadness that comes with the upgrade.

I have used iOS 7 since the beta was released and I must say I am more and more pleased with it as the days pass by. Enjoy it, have fun with it and get ready for a few frustrations. Not all of your apps may work, but the larger ones will for sure.

Have fun with iOS 7!

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