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iOS 7 First Look: Animations

iOS 7 is more than just a change of icon design. When you wake your precious iPhone from sleep you’ll automatically notice a few animation designs that enhance the complete iPhone experience.
But design is more than a pretty animation. It’s about enhancing the experience and making you develop a connection with your device. The animations on iOS 7 make a lot of sense. They’re smooth, almost cinematic and it feels natural.

Here are a brief walkthrough of some of the animations of iOS:


When you wake your device, the icons zoom into the screen. It makes it feel very cinematic, but also has a purpose. It’s almost like it’s telling us it’s all about the apps. Any iPhone user will immediately understand this.

Opening and closing apps

When you open any app, the interface seems to come to life from the actual icon. When you close it, it goes back into the icon in such a way that the user understands what app they’re working with. There’s no confusion.


When you access a folder, you zoom into the folder and the rest of the screen goes away. No need to worry about the rest of the apps. What you are looking for is right before you. When done, you close your folder and you are presented with your desktop once again.


In safari, you’ll see the new tabbed look. You can swipe, close, and access any of them with a simple tap. Nice, simple animation. It’s also great how when you scroll the rest of your interface goes away. Share a link with someone and you are presented with the many ways you can share.


When you double press the home button, you are now presented with an actual birds-eye view of all your apps. Swipe through them and when you want you can swipe close any of them. This also works on landscape mode.

All of these little touches enhance the iOS experience in a way that helps you understand the iPhone. They provide context and understanding, they’re fun but also enjoyable.

Design is not just how something looks, but how it feels and these animations reminds us that iOS is more than just looks, it’s an experience.

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