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iOS 7 Concept Surrounds Itself with Simple Beauty

I spoken before about how we at Macdaily don’t do rumors, we don’t want you our readers to believe in something that truly is not fact. We want the best for our readers, and personally, we want the best for ourselves also.
If you have been around Macdaily from the start, I have made a few changes to the site visually. I have made images and banners more flat. Allowing the site to look cleaner and of course load faster for you all. Honestly I went with flat as I believe simplicity is making a comeback, it’s making this beautiful again.

Simplicity is sometimes what you have to revert back to, to start fresh. And that is exactly what the folks over at Simply Zesty have done with this very well done Concept on what Jon Ive and team will do with iOS 7.

Check out the video below and tell me you don’t want some of this concept on your iPhone in the next few months!

The video above and the shots below prove that people are thinking. I can assure you that Ive is thinking along with a large team at Apple. They are thinking about what’s next, what it should look like and how it performs. They have the best in mind for the user.

Without the user, the user experience is just junk.

So what do you think? Do you love this or do not like the look, the feel, the widgets?


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  1. Looks nice if you want to own a windows phone. Not digging the flat graphics. Just my personal opinion. One of the reasons I’ll never own Windows 8. Clean, simple yes, but as a user, no, as a programmer, it’s in their best interest. Faster speeds with no need to upgrade hardware.

  2. I like it, but it really really reminds me of Windows Phone. A little too much. It was really lovely, and I worry that when iOS7 hits, i imagine being disappointed that it’s not as nice as your concept.

  3. That just looks like the Android Jellybean OS and the Windows 8 OS combined optimized just for iPhone… I’m not impressed. I am excited about the upcoming major update to Jellybean though.

  4. Plus, I still think that most iPhone app icons will keep their round corners. But they will lose their 3D lighting and shading…

  5. I think this is fantastic. I actually VERY much like the philosophy behind the windows phone design and would love to see Jony Ive and his teams take on the flat design. Not sure if Jobs has been gone long enough for the rounded corners to disappear yet or not. He was very fond of rounded corners for some reason.
    As far as android, some of the custom UI stuff I have seen can look pretty nice, but at the end of the day every single app I have downloaded that isn’t a bigtime player (Evernote) looks as though design was at best a second thought at worst wasn’t even considered.