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iOS 7 And The New Photos App

Quick: What are the first two things you want to know when you see a photograph? I don’t know about you, but to me I want to know:

  1. Where was this picture taken
  2. When was this picture taken

With iOS 7, Apple has introduced a new Photos app that organizes photos into collections, moments and years. You still have the album view included in iOS 6, but the new organizing features sorts your photos based on your GPS coordinates and the date photos were taken. This is a huge improvement over the older version where you had to manage albums and scroll through a long list of photos. If you wanted to find a photo you had to go in with fresh eyes and a prayer.

Now that iOS 7 introduces a neater way to organize the photos we take with the device, it becomes easier for us to find the photos we’ve taken. Let’s say I wanted to find a photo of my wife’s birthday party in Puerto Rico I took in 2012. In iOS 7, I would scroll into Years > 2012 and go into a San Juan, Puerto Rico collection to locate the photos. From here, I’ll browse the pics in this collection to find the one I’m looking for. Very simple, very easy, very nice.

Shared Photo Streams were also updated with deeper integration of iCloud support within the app. Now you can post your photos AND videos with others. They can comment, favorite and even add photos to the photo stream. I always enjoyed sharing photos this way with family. Now that others can add photos, it makes this service a whole lot better. There’s also a new Activity view that allows you to see all of the latest updates from all your shared streams right in the app.

I expect to have lots of pictures once iOS 7 officially launches. One of the things I will enjoy is tapping the year review and see a bird’s eye view of all my iPhone pics in the last 2 or 3 years. It will look like artwork from such a high view. I also expect to be sharing lots more pictures via Shared Photo Streams.

The updated Photos app in iOS 7 is something I really wanted to get, and Apple has clearly delivered a fine application.

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