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When the iPad was first released back in (2010?) it surprised a lot of people. The rumours and speculation around apples tablet centred around “would it be just a big iPhone” or would it be a small MacBook with all the usual paraphernalia. In the end it was a big iPhone but the word just doesn’t feel right there. The iPad specific apps helped the iPad to carve out a better path than android tablets with their big phone interfaces (no wonder 7″ tablets were more popular for android). And yet at the same time it lacked the attention of the iPhone and so sales started to decline.
Yesterday we saw the relaunch on the iPad in a brand new direction where the iPad finally found a unique path away from the iPhone. Although you can still see that they have the same underpinning of iOS, there are now enough unique features that the iPad is distinct and can’t be called a big iPhone.
This new vision clearly borrows from the Mac with the new doc, files and spaces. Yet it has its own unique approach and evolution of these features which are centred around the iPad.
With the new iPads, I can’t wait to get my hands on one and iOS 11.

IOS 11 features

In addition to the changes that iOS 11 has brought to all iOS devices (the new app store, ARkit, control centre redesign and more) there are a few iPad focused features that will change the way we use our devices.

  • Files (a new application like documents by readdle to help you manage your…erm…files)
  • The dock (a mac inspired set of easily accessible applications)
  • New multitasking (the horrible app picker is gone…the new solution is…tricky)
  • spaces (a new take on multitasking and app switching)
  • Drag and drop
  • wider pencil functionality (instant mark up and in line notes)

Check out more of the features here. 

The new iPad pros

There are two new iPad pros that will be coming out very soon. The 10.5″ and the 12.9″. The 10.5″ is a new size configuration and a change from the previous standard 9.7″. Although the screen is around 20% larger, the actual size of the iPad is very close to the 9.7 as the bezels have been shrunk. Other than the difference in size, the iPad pros share the same internals including

  • Promotion screen (intelligently switching between lower and higher frame rates depending on tasks)
  • Utralow reflective screen (1.8%) with 600 nits (that’s a fair amount of nits)
  • Truetone so it adapts to the ambient light and has a wider colour gambit.
  • Apple A10X chip (with 3 high power and 3 efficiency cores and 12 graphics cores) providing 30% faster processing power and 40% better graphics performance.
  • 64GB, 256GB and 512GB memory options
  • The high quality audio four speaker set up of the previous
  • USB 3 fast charging
  • TouchID second generation for faster logging in

Many of these changes are performance upgrades over the previous iPad Pros but it also includes a unification of features that previously was absent with USB fast charging coming to the smaller pro and the true tone display coming to the larger pro.

Check them out here

New iPad Pro accessories

In addition to the new iPad Pros there are also new accessories to match.

iPad Smart Keyboards for 12.9″ and 10.5″

The Smart keyboards from Apple now come in 10.5 and in addition now feature slightly updated key mechanisms. In addition, the smart keyboard now comes in 30 different languages.

iPad Leather Sleeve

A new accessory for iPad pros are the leather sleeves. They feature a slip to hold a 10.5 or 12.9 iPad as well as a location for the Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil Case

Similar to the leather sleeve are the Apple pencil cases, a small leather tube like object which can house an Apple pencil. It has a flat bottom to stop the pencil from rolling.

iPad Leather and Silicone smart covers

Apple has updated it’s smart covers adding in  10.5″ versions as well as bringing back the option of a leather smart cover in both 10.5″ and 12.9″

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