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Recently I shared a post on top iPad only sites and resources that you ought to check out. Within this list I include tablet habit, a site from Jeff Perry which I had recently discovered but couldn’t tell you too much about. Since then, Jeff and I have been in contact and I wanted to let you know a bit more about him and a new project he is working on that I bet you’ll like.

Who are you and what’s your origin story?

My name is Jeff Perry and I am the creator of Tablet Habit and co-host of A Slab of Glass.

I have been into podcasting for several years now (I lost count at this point). I started back in high school and have been a serial podcast creator ever since. I have started and dropped more podcasts than I can count but I always seemed to come back to the medium because I just loved it so much.

Before I created Tablet Habit and A Slab of Glass, I was working on a podcast that eventually closed up shop. I was burnt out on podcasting at the time and needed a break, but I am the kind of person that always needs an active side-project. At the time I was really into using my iPad Air 2 as my main device. Something about iOS and the iPad really made me gravitate to using it more and more. I just find the whole thing a delight to work with and that is in no small part because of iOS.

So since I was taking a break in podcasting I decided to start blogging. I created Tablet Habit and have been writing on it a little over 6 months now.

Why did you start “A Slab of Glass”, how does it differ from your site and other podcast?

A Slab of Glass is a podcast I knew I would probably make when I really started going all in on Tablet Habit and the iPad. Like I said, I love podcasting and no matter how many shows I cancel I always keep coming back to it. I just knew I didn’t want to do it alone.

That is where my co-host, Christopher Lawley, comes in. I stumbled across his videos on YouTube and immediately loved them. Once I found out that he literally does all of it on his iPad I knew I wanted to pick his brain a little more. So I sent him a cold email and asked if he would be interested in writing a piece on how he makes his videos on YouTube with just his iPhone and iPad.

He wrote a great piece on my site and it instantly became one of my most visited articles. After that we kept a correspondence on social media and we each offered support to the other about the stuff we were making.

Eventually Christopher mentioned something about doing a podcast and I jumped at the chance to be a part of it. We talked over the ideas we had and feelings on what a podcast about the iPad should be. Eventually we decided to do the podcast together and have been loving every second of it.

A Slab of Glass is a tech podcast, but it is also a very personal podcast as Chris and I speak about our experiences with the topics we choose. It isn’t a news podcast by any means which allows us to have a lot more creative control on the things we talk about each week. It is usually a short 30 minute conversation on the main topic and then another 10 minutes or so on an after show topic. We wanted to keep things brief because there are a ton of great long-form tech podcasts out there already and we wanted to be more brief to stand out amongst the crowd.

Who should check ASlabOfGlass out?

This podcast is great for anyone who wants to get more out of their iPad and/or tech geeks like Christopher and me. We try to keep things from going off the deep end to include the more novice users of the iPad. But it isn’t a podcast only newbies can enjoy, seasoned iPad users can also get a kick out of it too.

Our goal is to eventually have guests on the show who are doing interesting and fun things on their iPads as well, so feel free to get in contact with us at [email protected].

Any sneak peaks of what you’re going to cover?

So the first episode comes out March 18th, and it is about who Chris and I are and our office/workspace setups. We figured it would be a great way to show who we are and how we work.

Episode 2 and 3 come out later that same week. Episode 2 being about the 10.5” iPad Pro vs the 12.9” iPad Pro and episode 3 about how we handle cloud storage. So that whole week we cover a bunch of differing topics.

After that we will be posting every other Friday (so episode 4 comes out April 6th). We are always open to potential guests and topic ideas so feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or on Twitter @iamJeffPerry and @chris_lawley.

How can people subscribe to a slab of glass?

We have links to all the main podcasting apps over at We also have a YouTube Channel where we will post each episode if that is how you prefer to consume your shows.

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