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Have you ever had someone pester you on your iPhone? Maybe they’ve fallen out with you or perhaps they just can’t take no for an answer but the end result is the same. They keep trying to message and call you. Well this happened to me! I had some unpleasant business with my ex housemate and it ended up with me moving flat. Unfortunately, this did not stop him from badgering me over message and phone calls. Fortunately, the iPhone has a built in function to block contacts on iOS 7 and it’s really simple to do. In fact there are two ways to do it.

Option 1.

  1. Go to the contact you wish to block in the contacts app.
  2. Go to the bottom of the contacts details and click block contact
  3. Confirm you want to block the contact

Option 2

  1. Open Settings > Phone (or Message or FaceTime) > Blocked
  2. click add and search through your contacts to add someone.

The list shows who you’ve blocked and so it is a useful tool for tracking people you’ve blocked and unblocking contacts. This is great if you only want to block a contact for a limited time or if the situation gets resolved via other means. You will have to add a number as a contact in either case so even if you have no idea who the person is, you’ll have to add them. You could give them a name like “Stalker McStalker” or “Spammy Myphone” whatever you want.

If that’s not clear enough, then check out our video below.

Have you ever had to block a contact on your iPhone?

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