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Chair, the men and women behind the awesomeness that is Infinity Blade released a trailer for their upcoming release next week, Infinity Blade III Reborn. At the Apple Event, Apple and Chair had to show a bit right? So they introduced this beautiful creation.

As with all great movies, games etc, trilogies must come to an end. This is where Reborn hits. It’s the final story line in this vast game for iDevices. A game that I have had no issues with plopping down my hard earned cash for. As with most things though, there are always a “but”. My questions remain around playability. If I recall correct, I played both I and II pretty quickly.

I wanted more, but there was nothing. Same hack and slash in a beautiful world, hitting larger than life enemies all while dying and being “reborn”. So what does Chair have in store for us next week? Well from the looks of it, more of the same, but with a “hot chick” in it, helping you kick some ass and take some names.

After viewing that iOS goodness, what do you think? Are you taking the plunge, do you have to finish the trilogy? Are you dying to find out what happens at the end?

I am!

Infinity Blade III will be on the App Store next week as a universal app priced at or around $6.99. The game is compatible with the new iPhone 5S & 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and the iPads BUT it will run well on the 5 and above as you can imagine due to graphics and the engine alone.

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