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IGN’s Free Game of the Month is Radiation Island

If you keep up with gaming on iOS, you’ll know that every month IGN collaborate with a developer to bring you a free game for one month. September’s Free Game of the Month is Radiation Island by Atypical Games. You can only redeem your free copy directly from IGN, otherwise it comes with a $2.99 price tag.

In this iOS exclusive game, experience an open world environment, where there’s so much to explore. Find and craft essential tools such as an axe, slingshot, bow and arrow, a bed for the night and much more. The day/night cycle means you have to stay on your toes, make sure you have somewhere safe to sleep for the night. Make sure you have the right tools to fend off wolves, tigers, bears and even the zombies.

Check out the trailer to Radiation Island below:

I bought Radiation Island a while after it was released. I have to say Radiation Island will kill a lot of time, I put a lot of hours into this game, it keeps you immersed, you’re always exploring new parts of the island, trying to fight off bears, wolves, and those dreaded zombies. Although I never really got far in the game, I loved every minute, trying to.

You can grab Radiation Island for free via IGN’s promo page here.

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