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IFTTT has just come over to Android last week after being online and on iOS for a while. With the Android version IFTTT has release a host of new features and items which make the most of the Android platform and show some of the limitations of iOS (even if there are very good reasons for those limitation.) Below are some of the features that are on Android which should make iOS users android green with envy.

1. Android Device

This channel introduce features like setting the volume, muting the phone, and perhaps most interestingly, updating the wallpaper (as well as features on iOS such as receiving a notification). This channel also has a trigger for connecting or disconnecting to different WIFI networks.

The most notable differences here are the ability to set the wallpaper on your device if you do something like take an Instagram photo and send SMS messages. Although you can send Emails on your iOS device, being able to send a text when you enter or leave a room is a great feature. Still, with more users of devices abandoning SMS for other messaging services like Whatsapp, it may have limited use in the long run.

2. Android Location

iOS users have long had location based services on their devices but Android users also have access to this facility. Of course, this can also be achieved in many cases by using the Android devices settings for when you connect to a WiFi network.

IFTTT android

3. Android Phone Call (and SMS)

Another feature are the Phone and SMS triggers. These allow you to do an action when you receive or place a call or text message either in general or from specific numbers. The most obvious application is to add a todo action if you miss a call or set up an “out of hours” action for certain work contacts who message you when your don’t want to be disturbed.

Although IFTTT can send you an SMS message or phone call as an action, there is no option for either as a trigger.

4. Android Photos

The Android Photos setting is actually more limited than the iOS triggers (one point to iOS here). It can’t detect whether photos were taken with the front or rear facing camera so there are no automatic selfie posting options for Android users. However, they still have access to the location of android photos and can distinguish between screenshots and regular photos.

Better, but not much

So overall IFTTT is now better on an Android device largely due to the flexibility and openness of the Android platform. I would certainly like the ability to send SMS messages automatically when I arrive at a place, log phone calls to a work contact to a Google Docs spreadsheet and just play with changing my wallpaper automatically.

Perhaps the most surprising fact is that IFTTT can’t do even more on Android. The platforms openness does mean that there are a lot of possibilities for automation (just look at apps like Tasker). I would love to see IFTTT on iOS gain some of these abilities but that would require a dramatic change in direction from Apple over the openness of iOS. As such, I doubt we’ll see some of these features ever come to iOS.

Of course, if you are an Android user then you can make the most of these additional features and even set up some clever automation with your Mac by using Mac based automation systems.

Are there any features you’d like to see added to IFTTT?

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    • Some of these features (like location) have come but many of theee features haven’t yet. At the same time there are some new features about the App Store which are pretty interesting.