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iCloud Storage isn’t such a bad deal

The thing about iCloud storage | Beardy Guy Musings

But here’s the thing, and this is anecdotal. When my granny needed to upgrade her iCloud storage to back-up her iPad I suggested the 99 cent tier. She shrugged and said sure. When my parents started getting the message I suggested the same tier. They shrugged and said sure. Everyone in my family is paying for it and I’ve never heard one of them complain. Even the $9.99 plan, for 2 TB which can be shared within a family is a good deal if 4 to 5 people are using it. For them it’s just a cost of using/maintaining the devices.

…Many of the nerds that complain the loudest about the lack of more free iCloud storage are the same people yelling from the rooftops that everyone should happily support app subscriptions. Now, I get that there is a difference between a small app developer and Apple. But a service is a service. Once we start down the road of demanding that a company give us this or that because we purchased their product, well, that’s a slippery slope. Heck, I’d like to demand free music every month too. They owe it to me. And let’s have them throw in a free movie every month too. They can afford it.

Denny makes some really good points in this post. I too went through the same process when I hit my 5GB limit. The fact that iCloud has a $.99 option (79p for me) made it easy to say yes and start giving them money. Then once you have started, upgrading to the next tier is easy AND I got the bonus of my wife being able to use the same storage (no other company offers that yet). Compare that with Dropbox which is now free or $10 a month. It’s a pretty effective business strategy (which if probably why Google does it too).

But…I’m not sure I can totally agree. After all, it’s still a bad experience to be constantly running into a notice telling you that you’ve run out of cloud storage. I’d love to know how many people see that and react by paying the $0.99 price or head off and download Google photos and consider getting an Android phone next time (which would technically come with Google drive’s 15GB, both substantially more and yet absolutely not that much more than iCloud).

All things considered I do use iCloud the most out of any storage. I have some free dropbox that I got in the past but iCloud is better integrated, can be shared with my wife and is cheaper (than Dropbox, at least at the moment). What’s not to love about that?

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